I’ve been in your shoes. I understand your challenges. I know how to help.


You are no ordinary nail and I have more than one hammer. Your objectives drive the process.


I’d like to help you succeed. Here are a few others who have.

“Working with Todd has been a positive experience for me and my leadership team.  Todd has served as a sounding board on strategy, particularly focussing on leadership dynamics.  Helping us move to a higher level of individual awareness and team dynamics resulting in a higher level of accountability which is translating into measurable behaviors and

CEO, Square Two Financial

My absolute favorite Chapter among the ten offered (and each even provides you with an actual read time) is entitled: “Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight – The Leader’s Toolkit.”   My absolute favorite prescription is a list of 15 of the best questions you can use on a frequent basis and this one

"I was pleased to work with Todd Ordal for 20 years. He brings order to chaos."

Founder, Kinko’s

"…you are a great coach and advisor. This was the best strategy session that we have ever done."

Founder and CEO, iSatori Technologies

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The 3 Question Interview

By | March 19th, 2018|

At lunch recently, my friend shared a story about how he was “selected” as a construction manager for a large project years ago. He prepared well for what he thought would be a tough interview. [...]

Can Executives Be Happy?

By | March 12th, 2018|

Several times in my coaching sessions, I’ve asked CEOs to rate themselves on a 10-point scale on numerous factors, including fun, and they froze. “OK, call it happiness if you’d like,” I prompted. Still no [...]

Simplicity and Structure

By | March 5th, 2018|

“One of our most dysfunctional beliefs is our contempt for simplicity and structure.” —Marshall Goldsmith Why can Warren Buffett repeatedly make successful multibillion dollar investments with little due diligence and a corporate staff the size [...]

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