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Experience counts.  Working effectively with an advisor to CEOs who has been in your shoes
strategic-thinkingcan be the catalyst to move your company forward with critical management strategies and improved executive leadership skills.  We understand first hand the challenges of senior leadership. We help CEOs and other top management develop winning strategy and expand their leadership skills.  With executive leadership coaching and strategic consulting, you can expect to elevate organization performance which yields higher growth and profits. Whether it’s strategic consulting or CEO coaching, today’s demanding business environment challenges CEOs and top management to bring in experienced top advisors to help them optimize business performance through actionable strategic thinking and keep well ahead of the competition.


Helping Successful CEOs Reach New Heights

Successful leaders of medium-sized companies are best suited to reap the benefits of our CEO advisory services. You may be struggling with organizational challenges and questioning your strategy. You may be looking for a seasoned advisor to help you with the joy and challenges of rapid growth, or perhaps you are looking for high-value executive leadership programs. Todd Ordal can help you succeed. Having previously led work teams as large as 7,000 Todd understands your issues and challenges. Todd has successfully provided executive consulting services in a variety of industries including: consumer products, publishing, manufacturing, health care, software, banking, business services, real estate, education and technology. If you want to lead better, profit more or sleep more soundly at night, give Todd a call right now!


Who Is Watching The Watchers?

April, 2014

According to the Northern Colorado Business Report, there are now 1.2 compliance officers for every loan officer in Colorado banks. (I was tempted to put three exclamation points behind that sentence, but if its content doesn’t blow your


Feeling Powerful?

by Todd Ordal

 A bit of recent research confirmed what I’ve seen for many years: Power corrupts thinking. As reported in the Harvard Business Review, “feelings of power prompt leaders to verbally dominate and to resist … More


Top 10 habits of effective executives

A cynic says time is short. I don’t buy that. It is, however, predictable and constant.

Perhaps when you were younger, you worked somewhere where you just “put in your eight hours.” You were likely not engaged … More


Snakes and Doughnuts: Stop the insanity!

March, 2014
“On Saturday night, Coots was handling three rattlesnakes at his small church, the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name, when one of them bit him on his right hand. He lost consciousness and was taken home, where his More

CEOs: Check under the hood

Stop little problems before they get bigger

By Todd Ordal

The day I wrote this, I had two interactions with a company that sent a shiver up the CEO’s spine when I told him about them. In both cases, a … More


Leaders Who Run Toward Trouble

Their people will follow them anywhere

By Todd Ordal

“Steve, the Iraqi interpreter, summed it up best. On our last day in Fallujah, he shook my hand as we were heading out of the city, and with a prideful tone … More


Too Much Data? Needle in a haystack

January, 2014
“What they are doing is making themselves dysfunctional by taking all this data.”
—William Binney, former senior NSA official talking about his previous agency

I was fortunate many years ago to visit Trinity College in Dublin with my



3 Immutable Laws of Business

Almost 2014
“Business is sure not what it used to be!” said a nonbusiness friend the other day. She was implying that it used to be less complicated, less global and, in her mind, have fewer scoundrels. She has, unfortunately, … More