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You are no ordinary nail and I have more than one hammer. Your objectives drive the process.


I’d like to help you succeed. Here are a few others who have.

"I read the book and found it to be perhaps the best book of its kind ( in that ‘Good to Great’ category of motivational and educational leadership books).  Here’s wh.  I actually am using many of the suggestions you made in the book - and I’m a relatively confident leader with many of the

Founder, Managing Partner—Straussgroup, Inc.

"Todd has a unique ability to see the core of every issue. His guidance and advice helped me see each situation in a larger context instead of analyzing smaller details. He is very direct and honest and offers constructive criticism in a way that inspires you to work on yourself. I have truly enjoyed working

Vice President Marketing

"I want to express my appreciation to you both personally and on behalf of the owners of Enginuity. You were instrumental in helping us through a difficult transition. Thank you for your time, talent and genuine interest in Enginuity. Thank you for providing advice and wise counsel to me personally. You have unique talent and

CEO and Founder, Enginuity, Inc.

"I received great value from our interaction."

CEO, Miller Heiman, Inc.

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Can You Coach a Team When You Don’t Know the Game?

By | September 3rd, 2017|

I’m waiting for an appointment and watching a group of children learning to play American football. The coaches are good and constantly talking. The kids look to be around 5th grade and don’t know the [...]

Risking Disaster to Grow

By | September 3rd, 2017|

This is a picture of my wife’s kiln just after cracking the top. When the temperature drops from about 1,800 degrees to 150 degrees, she nervously opens the top to see what occurred. Each piece [...]

Bouncing Back From Failure

By | September 3rd, 2017|

I’m usually not interested in preseason football. It’s like watching all-star wresting — lots of meaningless activity. However, I viewed the first quarter of a few games to prime the pump for the coming season. [...]

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