Success – Todd Ordal Testimonials

Below are some “Todd Ordal testimonials” written and provided by my clients.  I would welcome the opportunity to impact your business in such a way that you would want to add to this list. Give me the opportunity to exceed your expectations and I won’t disappoint you.

"I needed to prepare for the next level of executive leadership. Years of schooling, on-the-job training, and managing management are not enough to succeed in business. Even though I have experimented, taken risks, and have generally been a nice guy, it is still is not good enough. Sometimes it takes an outside third party executive management expert guru to help you see things without filters and including how my colleagues view me as well. Todd is that and more. He was an excellent coach, and comfortable asking you tough questions that make you think outside the box and sharing from his years of executive experiences. He took the time to explain business management theory and cutting edge leadership. He was available when you needed his advice, and is a real gentleman as well. I highly recommend Todd."

Kenneth Black President, E Source December 30, 2014

“Working with Todd has been a positive experience for me and my leadership team.  Todd has served as a sounding board on strategy, particularly focussing on leadership dynamics.  Helping us move to a higher level of individual awareness and team dynamics resulting in a higher level of accountability which is translating into measurable behaviors and outcomes.
Working with Todd has been a low drama, high impact investment of our leadership time, and to a person, our team feels we are advantaged as a result of the same

P.A. Larkins CEO, Square Two Financial March 10, 2015

"Todd worked through a difficult time with great results. He accurately assessed the situation and charted the correct course."

Mark Dorman Principal, Endeavor Capital December 30, 2014

“Recently, our organization engaged Todd to help with the dynamics of our Senior Leadership Team.  We had a high functioning team, that wasn’t incredibly focused on “us” as a team, but rather on our own respective teams.  As a result, we were operating well, but in a fairly disparate capacity.  Todd brought us together in an incredibly pragmatic, direct and open style which facilitated our conversations and helped lead us through the challenging field of trust, disagreement, dialogue and, ultimately, shifting our focus to “Team One”.  As a result, our team cohesion grew, despite some very challenging business circumstances and our ability as leaders to engage in healthy disagreement and dialogue grew out of our increased level of trust.

The team greatly appreciated Todd’s candor, his straight-forward no nonsense approach and his utter lack of ‘corporate speak’.  This allowed each of us to be more real, open and genuine in response.

I have and would again, recommend Todd to any CEO, or other Senior Leader looking to engage in individual executive coaching or to take a team from ‘meh’ to ‘solid’.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Kristin Thielking SVP, Square Two Financial December 8, 2016

"I read the book and found it to be perhaps the best book of its kind ( in that ‘Good to Great’ category of motivational and educational leadership books).  Here’s wh.  I actually am using many of the suggestions you made in the book - and I’m a relatively confident leader with many of the attributes you cite in the book. Where I am falling short is paying closer attention to the operational and accountability stuff. I am putting together a plan for myself that is focused on improving in those areas. At my stage of the game, I’m picky about who gives me constructive advice, but I know what  I do well  and what I can do better. So kudos to you for writing an “easy to accept the constructive advice” book. It doesn’t matter where we are in our careers, the information you write about is real and is easy to understand how to put to good use."

Randy Strauss Founder, Managing Partner—Straussgroup, Inc. December 7, 2015

"Just wanted to send along a note of thanks for the great common-sense in your strategy chapter of Cow Chip. I always reboot with Rumelt (Good Strategy/Bad Strategy), Welch, Lafley, and a few others. Yours is in the rotation and I appreciate it for its pragmatism!”

Art Petty Author, Consultant, Software Executive July 6, 2017

You have added great value to our strategy process and outcome.  I specifically appreciate your ability and willingness to challenge us and to ask the hard questions.  And by the way, I really like the output and I’m ready to move forward with confidence.

Robert McGrew President and CEO, T.D. Williamson July 17, 2015

"Good coaches come and go, and so do bad coaches. There are probably more mediocre coaches now than ever before. I believe Todd to be among the best.

I have personally used Todd as a coach, and the result was a series of tough but important decisions over time. However, Todd is not for the faint of heart.

He holds you accountable, will not continue with the assignment if you are not taking the relationship seriously, will be very direct and candid if he feels you are rationalizing or making excuses for your actions or lack thereof, and yet, in spite of his style, his coaching sessions are enjoyable, interesting, engaging, and full of humor. Todd begins with the strategic and conceptual, but will push you very hard to work toward tangible results.

I have personally, and recently, recommended two more individuals in my company for coaching with Todd. I have seen other executives use other coaches, which can be good for situational reasons, but my first recommendation for any executive would be Todd. Best of luck to you."

Blaise R. Simqu President & CEO, SAGE Publications, Inc. December 30, 2014

“…Todd Ordal’s book is one of those five percenters! Ordal’s extensive experience as a business leader is very evident in the content of this book. His sense of humor is evident throughout and he demonstrates that he takes his professional leadership seriously while he does not hake himself too seriously. …This book is a must read!”

Dave Kinnear, Executive Leader Coach, Vistage™ Chair March 21, 2016

"I have known Todd Ordal for over 28 years. We have worked together as peers and now Todd consults with me regarding my six home health care (non-Medicare) related businesses in southeast Florida.

Todd’s advice and guidance has been very valuable. Todd provides counsel but he is also a sounding board for issues, problems and opportunities facing my organizations. Frequently Todd asks questions which cause me to rethink and action or position.

Todd has met with all our senior staff. Based on his feedback we have undertaken a general reorganization of our companies. This recent restructuring has made our chain of command clearer to everyone involved. It has caused us to redefine some roles and allowed us to be more responsive to new opportunities.

A key area which I share with Todd is succession planning. Although there will be no “succession” for many years, I feel that with Todd’s assistance our company is in a good position for whatever happens. Todd helps me to see things the way that someone looking at my organization from the outside would see them.

Todd questions me with a goal of keeping me focused on my objectives. A frequent question is, “What is your desired outcome and is that consistent with your objectives?” Perhaps the best value Todd provides is sounding board for plans I’m considering and problems I’m facing. Todd is slow to offer his opinion but quick to question any assumption.

I think Todd Ordal could be an asset to almost any senior manager in any organization."

A. George Cann Alternative Home Health Care December 30, 2014

"I was pleased to work with Todd Ordal for 20 years. He brings order to chaos."

Paul Orfalea Founder, Kinko’s December 30, 2014

"Todd asks a lot of great questions to help me come up with solutions to move my business ahead. I have had great results in my business because we are now focused on the right things. I would recommend any CEO or business owner who feels isolated in crafting the direction of their company to talk to Todd."

David L. Turner President Information Systems Integrators, Inc. December 30, 2014

My absolute favorite Chapter among the ten offered (and each even provides you with an actual read time) is entitled: “Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight – The Leader’s Toolkit.”   My absolute favorite prescription is a list of 15 of the best questions you can use on a frequent basis and this one in particular: “What do you think that I need to hear that everyone is afraid to say?”  And my absolute favorite quote (Ordalism) is: “He was a chocolate bunny – sweet on the outside and hollow on the inside” . . . and how many of those have we all had to work with?

Patrick McKenna December 31, 2015

"Todd has a unique ability to see the core of every issue. His guidance and advice helped me see each situation in a larger context instead of analyzing smaller details. He is very direct and honest and offers constructive criticism in a way that inspires you to work on yourself. I have truly enjoyed working with Todd and have grown as a manager and a leader under his coaching."

Elena Nikitina Vice President Marketing December 30, 2014

“Great job on the book. I love the way you write and tell stories so relevant and colorfully humorous at times. I especially like the tips in each chapter for how to be a more productive CEO. This is one of the few books, I'll keep on my desk, and find my referencing often. I highly recommend this book to any aspiring CEO or seasoned veteran -- who wants to take their leadership to another level."

Stephen Adele CEO, iSatori Technologies January 16, 2016

"I want to express my appreciation to you both personally and on behalf of the owners of Enginuity. You were instrumental in helping us through a difficult transition.

Thank you for your time, talent and genuine interest in Enginuity. Thank you for providing advice and wise counsel to me personally. You have unique talent and experience that make you very valuable as an advisor. Enginuity was fortunate to have you on our team for the last couple of years prior to our acquisition."

Chad Fletcher CEO and Founder, Enginuity, Inc. December 30, 2014

Todd, I have pointed several people toward your book several times and I have used it to pull out some great exercises, but today is the first time I read it start to finish- I absolutely love it!  This is so good and so solid............a great primer for any CEO or someone trying to support the CEO.  The lessons are crisp; the exercises are powerful and the insights are high value...............I made a ton of notes related to where I can continue to improve.  I read a lot of books on leadership and general business and this is one of the very best when it comes to pragmatic advice to start getting things done now.  Thanks!

Sam Reese Chief Executive Officer, Vistage International August 28, 2018

"…you are a great coach and advisor. This was the best strategy session that we have ever done."

Stephen Adele Founder and CEO, iSatori Technologies December 30, 2014