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CEO Coaching: Resisting Normative Pressure

Most of my blog readers don’t wake up every day and think, “I want to be only as good as most other people.” I know that many of you want to leave your mark on the world and succeed versus just survive. (There are many ways to succeed, well beyond money and status.) Conformity and […]

Effective Leadership Skills: Outsmarting Your Board

The strange dance between CEOs and their governing body (in my for-profit world, typically a board of directors) is interesting. Not quite swing, not quite polka — there’s often confusion about who’s leading, causing bruised toes.  Over my many years of being on boards, working for boards as a CEO, coaching CEOs and working with […]

What Is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is about setting objectives, questioning, listening, prodding, a little bit of ass kicking, rewarding and supporting. Any other questions? OK, for those who want more detail, let’s explore this for a minute. You can’t throw a rock in a crowd without hitting a few executive coaches. Some are wise old business veterans, and […]

Judge a Man by His Questions

Judge a Man by His Questions “It is easier to judge the mind of a man by his questions rather than his answers.” —Pierre-Marc-Gaston de Lévis Think about your day yesterday. What questions did you face? If you’re like many busy executives, they were probably along the lines of: -Did the Western division get its […]

Effective Leadership: Don’t Be A Grinch!

I loved Dr. Suess when I was a kid. (O.K. I still do!) While I don’t remember all of the red, blue and green characters from his books, I clearly remember The Grinch. In fact, I saw him a couple of weeks ago, trying to lead a company. Optimism is one quality of an emotionally […]

Organizational Effectiveness: Regression Toward the Mean

I “grew up” in a multiunit retail environment where benchmarking worked wonders as a tool to spread great ideas and fix broken stores, districts and areas. But whether you are focused internally or externally, benchmarking has a dark side. As a problem-solving tool, we examined stores that were below the mean for deficiencies (oftentimes management) […]

Effective Leadership: Great CEOs Aren’t Nice!

From the minute we engage with other humans (and even pets!) our parents tell us, “Be nice!” This is intended to be a catchall for don’t hit, scream, cry or make someone else feel bad. “Now look at what you did! Little Lisa is crying! Be nice!” As we get older, we’re rewarded for being […]