Ship Adrift

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A private equity firm was challenged with a recent addition to their portfolio. Significant problems were uncovered with leadership and the business model. The operating partners of the PE group were already stretched thin with several newer acquisitions and the challenges of the economic meltdown. They needed someone with experience as a consultant to private equity, an objective perspective and chutzpah to steady the ship, stabilize management and support the senior leadership during a tough transitional period.


I worked on a retainer basis with the private equity group, spending time in the portfolio company most weeks to identify and solve problems, provide stability for the leadership team, and develop a new strategic direction for the company. I was referred to as a “smokejumper” on this assignment, able to parachute in to assist with problems and decisions as we worked through tough decisions on people and products and resolved a banking crisis.


Having worked as a consultant to private equity, in multiple private equity environments, allowed me to communicate effectively and understand the perspective of an investor looking for a positive medium-term return on their investment. I was able to provide the private equity team with a realistic view of the strengths and weaknesses of the company, craft new tools to monitor and project business trends, provide on-site leadership and coaching for the executive team and stabilize a sinking ship to hand off to the new CEO.

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