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Faith in Business

CEO Leadership Traits You might ask, “Where’s he going with this one?” Sermons in the lunchroom? Support of capitalism? Neither, but I might soon take a shot at the capitalism piece given some current political rhetoric. I consider myself a data-driven, evidence-based guy. “What evidence do you have of that?” is a common question for […]

Effective Leadership: Own It!

Choices — You Have More Than You Think! People in victim mode don’t often get into senior leadership roles. Eeyore’s favorite food is thistles, and that makes for a very negative, grumpy life. In my experience, professional victims have decided they have few choices in life. They were late because of traffic, not poor planning. […]

Effective Leadership: Not Just What, But How

Effective Leaders Know How Is As Important As What The “what” of business is critical. Where you’re going (vision) and the path you’ll take to get there (strategy) to profitably address a market. They’re necessary, but not sufficient. As Peter Drucker said, “Many brilliant people believe that ideas move mountains. But bulldozers move mountains; ideas […]

Effective Leadership: Doh, Homer!

Principles Rather Than Rules Homer Simpson needs rules. He’s a dolt (albeit a funny one!) who works in a nuclear power plant. Generalities and “using your own good judgment” aren’t positive things! Most of us aren’t Homer Simpson. The principles that govern a power plant are probably something such as safety above all, precision a [...]

In Business, Trust—But Verify

Own it and know it By Todd Ordal As a leader, how do you know what’s going on in your organization? I believe this has always been an important question in organizational effectiveness, but is a particularly interesting question in our current environment. Harry Truman was president of the United States of America for several weeks […]

Preparing To Think Fast

It takes some slow, deliberate thought By Todd Ordal I know a guy who comes across as one of the most articulate, brightest folks I’ve met. He seems to always know what to say and states it with aplomb. His ability to think on his feet is amazing – until you ask him about it. You […]

Maximize, minimize or optimize?

Bigger isn’t always better By Todd Ordal Which of the below sound like good business advice? You should: • Maximize profits. • Minimize expenses. • Minimize conflict. • Maximize customer service. • Maximize market share. In some cases and to some degree, these statements are true. However, they can also be extremely problematic. Maximize profits over […]

Being There

Sometimes, you just need to show up By Todd Ordal Perhaps you saw Peter Sellers’ last movie, Being There (out in 1979, just this side of the Jurassic period). In it, a simple-minded gardener named Chance ends up being seen as a guru of sorts. By merely “being there,” he influences the rich and powerful with his simple […]

How to work with anyone

But why would you want to? By Todd Ordal How to Work with Anyone: That was the title of a blog post I saw recently. I didn’t read it. What a dumb objective! Why would you want to work with “anyone” when you have choices? This isn’t North Korea! Let’s get a few exceptions out of […]

Compelling Stories

August, 2013 I’m a sucker for spy/crime/detective novels. The coolest thing is finding an author you love who has written a series of these. Many years ago, it was Robert Ludlum. In the past year, my favorite series have been by Michael Connelly (the Harry Bosch series) and Dennis Lehane (the Kenzie and Gennaro series). […]