How We Work

What is it like to work with Applied Strategy?

Expected results: By working with us, our clients have achieved great financial results, built effective teams, developed more confidence and a clear path to the future, and enhanced their leadership skills. Some simply wanted a confidential thought partner with whom they can sort through the challenges of leadership. As a high performing client said, “I am a much better CEO because of our work together!”It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.

Our philosophy

  • Leadership comes with obligations.
  • A positive culture and a collaborative approach will be more rewarding and profitable .
  • Profitability is non-negotiable, but it must be attained ethically.
  • Successful long term strategy requires great products and services and a long-term view that takes all stakeholders into account.

Business strategy rarely shows up in a dream. Looking at the future (yes, it can be done) and identifying how you will prosper is more about good process than brilliance. Likewise, leading comes from leveraging strengths and learning how to manage yourself, manage the message and getting others to trust you.

The best advisor has both good process and great experience. Working with someone who walked a mile in your shoes is more comfortable and effective than hiring “Textbook Ted” to think for you.

We believe that a strategy consultant and leadership coach should not deliver content (i.e. do your thinking for you), but rather use effective processes to guide the client and his or her team to their own best answers. You know your business and yourself better than anyone. We will assist you and you team in finding the right answers. You should expect assertive, future focused, challenging conversations with us.

Have fun! Business is serious stuff. You are responsible for capital, peoples’ well being and exceeding your customers’ expectations. However, if you are not having fun, do it differently or do something else.

Our approach

It is critical that we agree on what success looks like. This is done through dialogue. It is the first step in any engagement. We might tweak our definition as we learn more, but just like your business, we need to agree upon where we are going.

Every client is unique. While we may employ some standard processes, it is the client’s agenda that drives the process. There are some best practices that can be employed in many companies, but it must be done in the context of the client’s business. We will apply the correct process to meet the goals of the engagement.

We have a practical approach. We have found that many of the traditional processes lead to plans on a paper but poor implementation. In addition, most planning is not strategic but operational. We believe that you must start with strategy (i.e. the “what” before the “how”). We use a unique process to help executive teams look at the future, identify how they will prosper in the future and the critical issues necessary to get there.

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