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Emerge and Accelerate

Executive Coaching to Emerge & Accelerate with Success

As an executive coach, I work I’ve been working with CEOs on plans for emergence from the current COVID-19 malaise and found that many are justifiably fearful and stuck in the present. As we all know, success depends upon planning for the future without being blinded by the past or present.

My executive coaching program is designed to help CEOs and their executive leadership teams emerge from the current state and plan for future success. If you have not been able to think about and plan for what’s next, this is an opportunity to harness your fear and peer around the corner so that you can anticipate what is coming and identify how you will succeed. And then hit the gas!

Business Management Consulting Services Include:

  • Interviews (by me) of your executive leadership team to understand why you were successful in the past (core competencies and weaknesses) and also current reality (validation of business model and strategy, culture, etc.).
  • Materials and questions to prepare you for interactive discussions with your team.
  • Three facilitated interactive video sessions with you and your senior leadership team to use a strategic framework. We will explore your future business environment, identify what will change and decide what the critical issues are that must be addressed.
  • 60 days of follow-up support for the team as you create operating plans.
  • Three one-on-one CEO coaching sessions during this period.

You’ll end up with a clear path forward, knowing the major changes that you’ll have to make to succeed and clear plans to address those changes. My role will be to get you and your team to focus on the right questions and do the tough thinking required to answer them.

I have limited availability for this executive coaching program, so act now!

To enroll, please contact me so that I can understand your current environment and we can discuss next steps. Click HERE to set up a call or Zoom or email me at