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Leadership: Help, I’m Drowning!

Check out this video (no, I’m not sending you to a North Korean identify theft site). In case the link above breaks, let me describe this. A child hangs desperately onto a rope in moving water, screaming for dear life! It looks as if he’ll drown if he lets go. Then a larger child walks […]

Organizational Effectiveness: Simplicity and Structure

We need structure to be successful   “One of our most dysfunctional beliefs is our contempt for simplicity and structure.” —Marshall Goldsmith Why can Warren Buffett repeatedly make successful multibillion dollar investments with little due diligence and a corporate staff the size of a family meal at my house while many hedge funds have legions […]

You Cannot Be Helped!

There are numerous blogs and columns about how to find a good executive coach — many of them thoughtful, many of them self-serving. I’d argue that, yes, the coach should’ve been thoroughly trained as a coach, but if you’re a CEO or senior executive, you should have a coach who has been in your shoes […]

Who Has Your Back?

“Every CEO has an open flank.” —Ram Charan No one is great at everything. CEOs who think they must know everything (or think they do know everything!) are on a fast track to disappointment and failure. Most CEOs know this and plug the hole by gaining knowledge or hiring to fill in for their weakness—if […]