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#Tweet Your Way to #Greatness? #NoWay

Simplifying messages is a talent that’s extremely valuable in an executive. Framing issues quickly and getting to the essence is a skill that comes more naturally to some than others. But it’s valuable and learnable, whether you’re an executive or on your first job. Brevity, however, has its limitations. “Go, team, go” might be brief, […]

Enough Already! How Much Communication Is Too Much?

One of my readers, Lisa, suggested I write about the balance between useful communication and too much information as a leader. It’s a dicey subject because you’re now going to judge this piece on that scale. (Was that last sentence necessary?) Years ago, I had a weekly meeting in California. It was sometimes one hour […]

I Got Chewed Out for Shoveling the Driveway

Growing up in Minnesota, shoveling snow was a frequent activity. But my mother’s definition of shoveling the driveway wasn’t quite the same as mine. I figured if there were two tracks for tires we were good to go. She thought that visible concrete was a beautiful thing and wanted the entire drive cleared. I say […]