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Get Fired Up! —When Friction is a Good Thing

“A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” —Confucius In life, we generally want to reduce friction. Car bodies, bike helmets, airplane skins and anything requiring oil are designed to minimize friction. But when you want to stop a car, light a match or shape a piece of wood, you need […]

A New Bite Of The Wells Fargo Apple

Regulators recently pinched Wells Fargo, the country’s largest bank, for “scamming” some customers — signing them up for services they didn’t order. Management fired 5,300 people over a five-year period for “improper selling.” Lots of folks have already predictably jumped all over management, and they’re right to do so. But what else can we learn […]

Cleaning The Big House

Don’t take cultural change lightly My wife and I recently read articles about Pope Francis publicly tongue-lashing his curia for the extreme office politics it practiced. One of us compared it with the mafia, but I won’t say which because one of us is a practicing Catholic. My wife didn’t ask me, “If the curia […]