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CEO and Executive Coaching from Todd Ordal

Todd Ordal, CEO Coach

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll be a respected and talented leader.
  • You’ll have an executable, understandable strategy.
  • You’ll have a highly tuned executive team that helps you find million dollar moments.

Areas of Expertise to Help Your Business

CEO Coaching

Find million dollar moments, more confidence and a clear path to success.

Executive Coaching

What should I be doing to move my company forward?

Organizational Effectiveness

Leverage your strengths and fix weaknesses.

Business Strategy

Align activities to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Team Alignment

Get the optimal Return-on-Investment.





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Success Stories

Good coaches come and go, and so do bad coaches. There are probably more mediocre coaches now than ever before. I believe Todd to be among the best.

Blaise R. Simqu
President & CEO, SAGE Publications, Inc.

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