As a business strategy consultant for over 15 years, and former CEO who has managed teams as large as 7,000, I’ve been in your shoes and know how to help you.

Develop a clear business strategy that identifies what is necessary to succeed

Identify why customers buy from your company and not those of your competitors

Determine required investments and guidance on systems and behaviors to be in place

Align activities to create a sustainable competitive advantage

Your Guide to Effective Business Strategy

Strategic thinking starts at the top of the organization. As CEO you must “own” the strategy in your company. The challenge comes not only in crafting a winning strategy but also in communicating that strategy and aligning your team behind it.

As a business strategy consultant, I serve as a guide and facilitator of your team. This helps improve strategic thinking by allowing you to:

  • Engage in the process, rather than having to facilitate

  • Balance participation from the entire senior leadership team

  • Enhance the quality of ideas that come from your team

  • Be part of crafting business strategy rather than just managing it

Strategic Business Consulting Services

My business strategy consulting services typically take place over several months and include a process for CEOs, general managers and management teams to examine the future, identify the current reality and connect the dots by fleshing out the critical issues that need to be addressed.

One-on-One strategy reviews are effective for CEOs to walk through your vision, assumptions, strategy, plans, critical issues, core competencies and ability to execute.

Facilitated strategy design with you and your senior team allows you to develop a clear destination and path forward while engaging your team for optimum commitment and alignment.

Business Strategy Consulting Success Stories

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