Old Dog, New Tricks

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Graph on computer screen demonstrating executive coaching services

A long-term executive at a global company was identified as a “high performer” but needing some skill enhancement to get to the next level. The business was growing beyond his skill set. Specifically, he was tasked with thinking and

communicating more strategically, building a stronger team and leading more effectively by getting out in front of issues rather than firefighting. The CEO asked me to coach this high performer who was respected and well liked, but falling behind his growing company.


As with all developmental coaching assignments, I started by getting input from this executive’s coworkers and his boss. We then targeted specific objectives—to which his boss agreed—that we would work on. Over a 7-month period, we met face to face and over the phone to identify actions that he would take to grow in these areas. Often issues would come up that I had experienced in my executive experience so we could explore them deeply and I could help him make sure that he was considering all viable options.


Changing behavior is always challenging and this executive worked hard to make the changes required to continue to succeed and grow with his company. Significant change occurred in this executive’s ability to deal with tough complex issues. Both self-reported skill enhancement as well as feedback from his boss and coworkers confirmed this. He was able to effectively build out his department, move from reactive mode to effective planning and develop more confidence in himself as a leader.

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