Taking a Sharp Right

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Chart on computer demonstrating effective leadership skills

The CEO of a public, international company was uncomfortable with the business strategy of his company. As with many firms, strategy had evolved over the years, but was not clearly articulated. There was a feeling in the firm that, “what got us here will not get us to the finish line.”


As this CEO had developed a collaborative international management team, it was critical that an approach to craft and articulate strategy was inclusive but also facilitated by a strong personality who could focus passionate and bright leaders to help them reach consensus. The strategy consulting intervention included interviews of the board of directors and management team, one-on-one planning with the CEO, a multi-day meeting with all key management from around the world, and follow up meetings with the CEO to work on the content and format to best to communicate the new business strategy for his board and the company as a whole.


As an advisor to the CEO, I was able to guide the CEO and his team to develop a clearly articulated global strategy with critical issues and objectives identified to execute the strategy. I was able to make trips to key international offices to meet with division leaders to assist them in further refining strategy. During one of those trips, the CEO introduced me as “our strategy consultant, and really a coach for me as we work through this process”. I highlight this because I believe that it is critical that the CEO and management team stay in the driver’s seat while I facilitate the process. The intervention was at the bottom of the economic decline for this company. In the 3 years since that period, the company has doubled their market capitalization.

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