Team Alignment

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Team Alignment

Executive Leadership Coaching to Effectively Lead Top Teams (Even Remotely!)

As a CEO, your senior team is the most valuable tool that you have in your business. Just like the hard assets in your balance sheet, you want to get the optimal Return-On-Investment from your leadership team.

Effective executive leadership teams work on the team as well as on the business.

Effectively Leading Remote Executives

The remote work environment, whether total or partial, temporary or permanent, is not the same as face-to-face engagement. It can, however, be as effective and in some cases more effective if you take the right actions to make it so.

Remote team effectiveness does not happen without some intervention, however.

I’ve been coaching executives for over 15 years, and I’ve also been in your shoes! I’ve managed teams as large as 7,000 and been CEO in several industries. My executive leadership coaching services will help align your remote team, build trust and focus on results.

My executive leadership team effectiveness program involves:

  • an assessment of your team effectiveness
  • three one-half day meetings with you and your direct reports
  • specific exercises to create the fertile ground for your senior leadership team to flourish
  • on-call availability for the senior leader for one-on-one coaching regarding the team

I work exclusively with senior leadership teams (e.g. CEO/GM/business unit leader and their direct reports). This is typically 3-9 people.

If you believe that your team is not as aligned as it could be; if you believe that your ability to have healthy conflict and focus on results is not optimal; if you believe that the level of trust amongst the team members is not appropriate to achieve great things, I can help you.

I have limited availability for this executive coaching program, so act now!

To enroll, please contact me so that I can understand your current environment and we can discuss next steps. Click HERE to set up a call or Zoom or email me at