As a CEO coach for over 15 years, and former CEO who has managed teams as large as 7,000, I’ve been in your shoes and know how to help you.

Assess your leadership team effectiveness, so you get the optimal Return-on-Investment

Effectively align your executive leadership team around the most important constructs of your business (e.g. purpose, vision, strategy)

Build trust within your executive leadership team and focus on results

Your Guide to Executive Leadership Team Alignment

My executive leadership team alignment coaching program includes:

  • An assessment of your team effectiveness

  • Three one-half day meetings with you and your direct reports

  • Specific exercises to create the fertile ground for your senior leadership team to flourish

  • On-call availability for the senior leader for one-on-one coaching regarding the team

I work exclusively with senior leadership teams (e.g. CEO/GM/business unit leader and their direct reports). This is typically 3 – 9 people.

Executive Leadership Alignment with Remote Team

The remote work environment, whether total or partial, temporary or permanent, is not the same as face-to-face engagement, but it can be as effective if you take the right actions to make it so.

Remote team effectiveness does not happen without some intervention, however.

This is where I come in. I’ve been coaching executives for over 15 years, and I’ve also been in your shoes! I’ve helped remote teams build trust, confidence, and focus even when they are rarely together face-to-face.

CEO Coaching Client Success Stories

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