Real Lessons for Real CEOs

Executive Advisor Services

As an executive advisor, my services are focused on how my best clients receive value. These can be summarized in the following four ways

  1. Some are CEOs who want someone who has been in their shoes to be a sounding board and confidential advisor. For these clients, I serve in the capacity of a CEO Advisor.
  2. Some clients are interested in executive coaching for themselves or one of their senior team members. The coaching might center on specific challenges or general leadership development.
  3. Many organizations have great people, but are not hitting on all cylinders and need help in optimizing teamwork. My focus for this type of organization is on developing highly functioning teams .
  4. Lastly, at some point in their tenure, many CEOs realize that their strategy will not get them to the level of success that they desire and they ask for my help in crafting a new winning strategy. A winning strategy may take different forms, but the process of getting there is the same. For these clients I provide strategy consulting.

So, if you are a CEO or c-level executive that realizes you or your team could use a perspective of someone that has walked in your shoes, I would encourage you to schedule a free consultation here to confidently discuss your situation.