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Executive Coaching Services

ceo coaching leads to greater success, which shows time is money

Executive coaching and dedication on your part will lead to dramatic improvement.

“I need a confidential advisor who has been in my shoes—a thought partner.”

“I need to get better at thinking strategically.”

“I need to communicate more effectively with my staff.”

“I feel like a fraud.”

“I would like to understand and leverage my strengths.”

“As CEO, I need someone to talk to about my direct reports.”

“I need to be buttoned up before I get to my board meetings.”

“I need to build better teamwork.”

These are all reasons that senior business leaders have engaged Todd Ordal as their executive coach. They all wanted someone who was skilled as a coach and an executive. Todd Ordal has been CEO in several companies and has lead teams as large as 7,000 so has personally experienced many of the challenges that leaders face. He is has advanced level training by the highly respected College of Executive Coaching.

There are many pieces to this, including active listening, empathy, directing, coaching, and delivering both positive and negative feedback, to name a few.

There are some jobs where you can be very successful in an individual performance role without understanding others, but you can’t be a successful leader without this skill—just a tyrant. You must have some innate ability in this area, but CEO coaching and dedication on your part will lead to incredible improvement.

Executive Coaching Services at Applied Strategy

In its most basic form, business strategy requires thinking about the future, creating a compelling picture in that future, identifying current reality, and then crafting a strategy that will connect today to your desired future.

There are different approaches to executive coaching services and you should make sure that your objectives are aligned with the skills and background of the coach. Todd Ordal focuses specifically on CEOs and other senior leaders who want to enhance their leadership skills, optimize the performance of their company or want a thought partner to help them think deeper and wider regarding the challenges and opportunities in their business.

Todd works primarily face-to-face with his clients because it is the most effective form of communication. It is the client’s agenda that drives the engagement. The interaction takes the form of strategic dialogue. Because Todd is a former CEO and advisor to many CEOs, you get access to a rich background of experiences in addition to the executive coaching process of inquiry.

Executive Leadership Development Programs

A simple but brilliant model of leadership from Warren Bennis (The Four Competencies Of Leadership) says that effective leadership has 4 elements:

  • Management of attention
  • Management of meaning
  • Management of trust
  • Management of self

When working with executive leaders, I use questions, so 4 questions that flesh out the model above would be:

  • Do you have an effective communication platform and are they listening?
  • Do you have a compelling message that is leading them toward your vision?
  • Do they know what drives your behavior and are you predictable?
  • Do you have an appropriate amount of self-awareness and self-control?

Todd Ordal’s Executive Leadership Coaching

Becoming a senior leader requires enhanced leadership skills and a strategic focus. Having a proven and former CEO to help leverage your personal strengths and further develop inherent talents can be an invaluable new asset for top executive management. Todd’s leadership development coaching provides valuable lessons learned in practicing and applying executive leadership skills to daily business execution. You can achieve higher effectiveness and lead confidently by taking advantage of leadership coaching. Investing in executive development helps improve the fundamentals of leadership and challenges top management with strategic thinking, setting clear objectives, successfully leading teams and producing great financial results.

When your company is looking at executive coaching services make sure you take the time to call Todd Ordal. Your time will be invested wisely. One-on-one or group coaching from services from our proven former CEO provide executives with top-level strategic consulting, organizational development, and real life competitiveness skills in local or global dynamic organizations.

Whether the focus is on CEO advisory services or executive leadership development, the outcome is more effective leadership and better business results. If you want to lead better, profit more, or perhaps sleep more soundly, call Todd at 303-527-0417 or email Todd.