A. George Cann

I have known Todd Ordal for over 28 years. We have worked together as peers and now Todd consults with me regarding my six home health care (non-Medicare) related businesses in southeast Florida.

Todd’s advice and guidance has been very valuable. Todd provides counsel but he is also a sounding board for issues, problems and opportunities facing my organizations. Frequently Todd asks questions which cause me to rethink and action or position.

Todd has met with all our senior staff. Based on his feedback we have undertaken a general reorganization of our companies. This recent restructuring has made our chain of command clearer to everyone involved. It has caused us to redefine some roles and allowed us to be more responsive to new opportunities.

A key area which I share with Todd is succession planning. Although there will be no “succession” for many years, I feel that with Todd’s assistance our company is in a good position for whatever happens. Todd helps me to see things the way that someone looking at my organization from the outside would see them.

Todd questions me with a goal of keeping me focused on my objectives. A frequent question is, “What is your desired outcome and is that consistent with your objectives?” Perhaps the best value Todd provides is sounding board for plans I’m considering and problems I’m facing. Todd is slow to offer his opinion but quick to question any assumption.

I think Todd Ordal could be an asset to almost any senior manager in any organization.