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CEO Coaching: The List

I had a good, productive day today because of the list. The list doesn’t appear; you must create it. Once created, it won’t do anything on its own; you must use it. If unused, it becomes irrelevant, though it can shame if you view it after inactivity. There are good lists and bad lists, mostly […]

CEO Coaching: The Unpredictable Leader

One of the top concerns for CEOs at this point in time is political uncertainty. Biden or Trump[*]? And then there are all the downstream races, the effect on administrative polices, trade and labor implications, let alone defense spending and our position in the world. If you are like many of my clients, it drives […]

The Culture of Work: Beyond the Paycheck

A recent Andy Kessler column in The Wall Street Journal caught my eye (“Profit Can Be Your Purpose: Why do Millennials and Gen Zers want their work to provide psychic rewards?” March 3, 2024). I often like Kessler’s articles and appreciate his humor on this topic. Example: “Looking for work now is about finding your […]

CEO Coaching: Exploring Conflict

Some clients don’t agree with me using the word conflict in a positive light. I tell them why I disagree, which I guess is an example of healthy conflict. Addressing conflict requires consideration of two precursors. Let’s deal with semantics first. You might prefer the word disagree, oppose, disharmony, fight, strife, struggle, or ruckus. Great, […]

CEO Coaching: Take Some Abuse       

If you’re a senior leader and serious about not breathing your own exhaust, not becoming the smartest person in the room, and getting too big for your britches, there’s only one vaccine available: willingly take some abuse. If you’re more Putin than Gandhi, it’s already too late. There’s no antidote, only a vaccine. However, if […]

CEO Coaching: Mickey Mouse Management

A client recently recommended the book “The Ride of a Lifetime” by Robert Iger, the CEO of The Walt Disney Company. It’s a fascinating story with some good lessons. One interesting subplot occurs during his tenure as COO, working for longtime CEO Michael Eisner. Eisner built a “strategic planning group” (called Strat Planning) that reported […]

CEO Coaching: Expectations

I had an interesting conversation about expectations with a thoughtful CEO whom I work with. I’ve had similar conversations with many. Clients often ask, “Shouldn’t I be able to expect ____?” In other words, should a leader be able to expect certain behaviors from his team members without clearly stating the expectation?  The short answer […]

CEO Coaching: When Control Fails

The Wall Street Journal recently reported this: “Software giant Microsoft Corp., in a recent survey of more than 20,000 people, found that 87% of employees say they are productive at work, while only 12% of leaders have confidence that their workers are being productive.” I’m protective of the C-suite as those are the people I […]