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CEO Coaching: Leading and Managing High Performers

Most would agree that managing low potential individuals (LoPos) is tough. In most cases, you should replace them. However, managing high potential people (HiPos) can be just as challenging! My clients are either CEOs or senior executives. Earlier in their career, they were probably labeled as HiPos. They typically have good social skills, drive, and […]

CEO Coaching: 15 Years of Bad Practice

After many years of doing a weightlifting maneuver called a “clean,” I got one almost right. For most of this period I blamed my poor cleans on genetic issues. “It’s my mother’s fault!” But the coaches at my current gym won’t listen to my excuses and are correcting years of bad practice; 15 years of […]

CEO Coaching: Kill the Time Suckers

One of the most egregious time wasters in companies is meetings or energy spent without a real purpose. I was reminded of this as I read our local paper recently. (I live in Boulder, Colo.—a wonderful community that has a whackadoodle reputation, sometimes warranted.) There was an article about a meeting with the city council, […]

CEO Coaching: Doing Without Knowing

My son recently left a job (perhaps torture chamber is a more apt description) and was fretting because he didn’t know what he wanted to do. We had a long chat, and he devised a plan, even though he still didn’t have clarity. Doing nothing isn’t an option. Several weeks later, a client referred a […]