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CEO Coaching: Are You Becoming a Narcissist?

Narcissistic CEOs are an unfortunate, though sometimes very successful, feature of the business landscape. While approximately 6% of us suffer from this disorder, it’s more prevalent in males than females (though some believe females are catching up) and more common on mahogany row—some think 40% of CEOs exhibit significant symptoms. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual […]

CEO Coaching: Relationships

I only coach senior executives, mostly CEOs, so you might expect that our time together is spent talking about strategy, growth tactics, increasing profitability, operational challenges, organizational structure, and financial data. And you’d be partially correct. However, the bulk of our time together is spent talking about relationships.  Improving relationships, acquiring relationships, and kindly eliminating […]

CEO Coaching: Is Growth Necessary?

There are many business growth axioms and metaphors, mostly about trees, rivers, or children. But does a business really need to grow? Can it just tread water? Can it stay in childhood? Must it keep moving like a shark or die?  I’ve run into a few business leaders who aren’t interesting in growing, all in […]

CEO Coaching: The Big Picture

I recently replaced eight porch screens. Several trips to Home Depot and I had supplies and an upgraded nailer and stapler. Between multiple cats and frequent visits from grandkids, I elected to use the “pet resistant” screen material, which isn’t cheap.  I’m not usually a do-it-yourself guy, subscribing to comparative advantage (i.e., having a professional […]

CEO Coaching: Mickey Mouse Management

A client recently recommended the book “The Ride of a Lifetime” by Robert Iger, the CEO of The Walt Disney Company. It’s a fascinating story with some good lessons. One interesting subplot occurs during his tenure as COO, working for longtime CEO Michael Eisner. Eisner built a “strategic planning group” (called Strat Planning) that reported […]

CEO Coaching: Leading and Managing High Performers

Most would agree that managing low potential individuals (LoPos) is tough. In most cases, you should replace them. However, managing high potential people (HiPos) can be just as challenging! My clients are either CEOs or senior executives. Earlier in their career, they were probably labeled as HiPos. They typically have good social skills, drive, and […]

CEO Coaching: 15 Years of Bad Practice

After many years of doing a weightlifting maneuver called a “clean,” I got one almost right. For most of this period I blamed my poor cleans on genetic issues. “It’s my mother’s fault!” But the coaches at my current gym won’t listen to my excuses and are correcting years of bad practice; 15 years of […]

CEO Coaching: Kill the Time Suckers

One of the most egregious time wasters in companies is meetings or energy spent without a real purpose. I was reminded of this as I read our local paper recently. (I live in Boulder, Colo.—a wonderful community that has a whackadoodle reputation, sometimes warranted.) There was an article about a meeting with the city council, […]