Tag: Business Strategy

A Math Word Problem for CEOs

I hated math word problems as a kid, so I’ll make this a pain-free version with an easy question! I recently wrote about CEOs’ need for a high understanding of their financial situation and wanted to follow up with an illustrative story. I specifically mentioned that, as a CEO, you should understand your cash conversion […]

CEO Coaching: Stability and Change

Stability in business is good, but only if you’re meeting your objectives. Phrases like “operating like a well-oiled machine,” “keep the train on the tracks” and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” all pay homage to stability.  In some regards, the CEO’s job is to create stability. Shareholders look for stable (and rising) growth […]

What’s Next?

My friend, Paul, called the other day to trade thoughts on how the coronavirus pandemic was affecting the business world. While still deep into the crisis, he was thinking about the future of a company where he’s a board member and asking, “What happens on the other side?” Great question! Is it too early to […]