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This is Chess, It Ain’t Checkers

There’s a scene in the movie “Training Day”-a great, but disturbing flick-where Denzel Washington schools a new police detective on the complexity of a situation and sums it up by saying, “This is chess, it ain’t checkers!” Is your business chess or checkers?

Organizational Effectiveness- Bailing Wire and Braces

Driving across Wyoming on a recent vacation we saw a house held together with more bailing wire and braces than joists and concrete. You could almost see how it happened. The porch started to sag, so they built some temporary stairs a few feet away. It was a slight inconvenience but worked until the porch sagged further.

Successful Executives are Not Nice

From the minute we engage with other humans (and even pets!) our parents tell us, “Be nice!” This is intended to be a catchall for don’t hit, scream, cry or make someone else feel bad. “Now look at what you did! Little Lisa is crying! Be nice!”

Lesson for the CEO on Thinking Strategy

Talking about strategy is like watching an ED commercial. No, I’m not talking about “Ed” the television show. I’m talking about the one with the two people sitting naked in bathtubs in the middle of nowhere — the one that comes on when you’re
watching TV with your kids/spouse/mother.