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CEO Coaching: Unlearning

AI developers are struggling with a new challenge: Getting AI to “unlearn.” There are myriad circumstances where you might want AI to unlearn: new privacy laws, intellectual property issues, disinformation from right-wing or left-wing nuts, Krap from the Kremlin, etc. I guess once AI internalizes a “belief” or “fact,” it’s difficult to change—just like humans […]

CEO Coaching: Eating Pig

I recently read the book “Spies: The Epic Intelligence War Between East and West” by Calder Walton. A good read that covers a broad swath of history, especially if you’re interested in spycraft. The Bay of Pigs disaster was one of many events covered. You may recall that the Kennedy administration sent a handful of […]

CEO Coaching: Take Some Abuse       

If you’re a senior leader and serious about not breathing your own exhaust, not becoming the smartest person in the room, and getting too big for your britches, there’s only one vaccine available: willingly take some abuse. If you’re more Putin than Gandhi, it’s already too late. There’s no antidote, only a vaccine. However, if […]

CEO Coaching: Lead Like Putin

Does the ability to control human behavior by creating mistrust, unhealthy competition, possible jail time, or even death excite you? If so, you’re the perfect candidate for my new class, “Lead Like Vladimir Putin!” Coming soon to a Gulag near you! There are leadership books with titles that include “Lead Like Jesus,” “Lead Like a […]

CEO Coaching: Sometimes Good Enough Is Enough!

A recent piece on Colorado Public Radio about the aerospace industry caught my ear. Apparently, 500 companies focused on aerospace reside in Colorado. Mildly interesting, but what was more insightful came from the perspective of Justin Cyrus, the founder of Lunar Outpost. He had a beautiful explanation of why small companies can compete with larger […]

CEO Coaching: Expectations

I had an interesting conversation about expectations with a thoughtful CEO whom I work with. I’ve had similar conversations with many. Clients often ask, “Shouldn’t I be able to expect ____?” In other words, should a leader be able to expect certain behaviors from his team members without clearly stating the expectation?  The short answer […]

A Joker as CEO

If you don’t watch the NBA, you may not know who Nikola Jokić is (often called “The Joker”). He plays for the Denver Nuggets and is arguably the best player in basketball as I write this. Although his game is impressive, as a fair-weather basketball fan, I find his persona even more so. He isn’t […]

Abracadabra: You’re a Leader!

If I waved a magic wand and and proclaimed, “You are now Chief Basket Weaver,” would you suddenly know how to make baskets? Of course not!  If I said you’re a leader or Chief Thingamajig Officer, does that mean you now know how to manage, lead, or design “thingamajigs”? No! Yet almost weekly, I run […]