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CEO Coaching: Allowing Curiosity

I’m on a flight with my window shade open, looking at clouds, field patterns, a river, and communities. I wonder where the roads go, which community that is, what their major industry is, whether that river has trout. I also wonder why only one other person in my section has their window shade open. I […]

CEO Coaching: The Unpredictable Leader

One of the top concerns for CEOs at this point in time is political uncertainty. Biden or Trump[*]? And then there are all the downstream races, the effect on administrative polices, trade and labor implications, let alone defense spending and our position in the world. If you are like many of my clients, it drives […]

The Culture of Work: Beyond the Paycheck

A recent Andy Kessler column in The Wall Street Journal caught my eye (“Profit Can Be Your Purpose: Why do Millennials and Gen Zers want their work to provide psychic rewards?” March 3, 2024). I often like Kessler’s articles and appreciate his humor on this topic. Example: “Looking for work now is about finding your […]

CEO Coaching: Are You Smarter Than Average?

The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted the correlation (which, of course, isn’t the same as causation) between excessive government regulation and low economic growth (comparing Europe with the US). Although I’m not a libertarian, I cringe at the growth of the administrative state and regulation. Of course we need some, but how much? That’s the […]

CEO Coaching: Balancing Reaction and Anticipation

How was your day? If it was “average,” you probably put out some fires, fielded questions, responded to requests, and dealt with a few surprises. All necessary requirements of senior leadership. But did you also think about the future, develop plans, proactively eliminate some risks, and identify growth opportunities for the business, your people, and […]

CEO Coaching: The Perfect Leader

I’ve been attentively watching the reactions to Henry Kissinger’s death. Some mourn his loss as a brilliant force for the greater good, some believe his actions in Southeast Asia, for example, make him the devil incarnate. It’s hard to prove either is wrong. People in big shoes must make big decisions. Decisions with consequences. Decisions […]

When Is It OK to Fail As a CEO?

Twice in my career I quit high-paying jobs (one a CEO slot and one running a 7,000-person division) because I had unethical or wrongheaded people to report to. Although this certainly cost me a great deal of money, I don’t regret either decision. As a CEO coach, I’ve run into many successful leaders who’ve either […]