Blaise R. Simqu

Good coaches come and go, and so do bad coaches. There are probably more mediocre coaches now than ever before. I believe Todd to be among the best.

I have personally used Todd as a coach, and the result was a series of tough but important decisions over time. However, Todd is not for the faint of heart.

He holds you accountable, will not continue with the assignment if you are not taking the relationship seriously, will be very direct and candid if he feels you are rationalizing or making excuses for your actions or lack thereof, and yet, in spite of his style, his coaching sessions are enjoyable, interesting, engaging, and full of humor. Todd begins with the strategic and conceptual, but will push you very hard to work toward tangible results.

I have personally, and recently, recommended two more individuals in my company for coaching with Todd. I have seen other executives use other coaches, which can be good for situational reasons, but my first recommendation for any executive would be Todd. Best of luck to you.