Kristin Thielking

Recently, our organization engaged Todd to help with the dynamics of our Senior Leadership Team.  We had a high functioning team, that wasn’t incredibly focused on “us” as a team, but rather on our own respective teams.  As a result, we were operating well, but in a fairly disparate capacity.  Todd brought us together in an incredibly pragmatic, direct and open style which facilitated our conversations and helped lead us through the challenging field of trust, disagreement, dialogue and, ultimately, shifting our focus to “Team One”.  As a result, our team cohesion grew, despite some very challenging business circumstances and our ability as leaders to engage in healthy disagreement and dialogue grew out of our increased level of trust.

The team greatly appreciated Todd’s candor, his straight-forward no nonsense approach and his utter lack of ‘corporate speak’.  This allowed each of us to be more real, open and genuine in response.

I have and would again, recommend Todd to any CEO, or other Senior Leader looking to engage in individual executive coaching or to take a team from ‘meh’ to ‘solid’.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.