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Khal Rudin

“Engaging with Todd came at a pivotal moment in my career, a period when I was in search of a mentor who would not only challenge me but also provoke deep introspection about my performance, strategic objectives, and managing change. Throughout the 12 months of our collaboration, Todd’s insightful and critical approach was invaluable. He […]

New CEO after our work

Things have been going really well these last couple months. We still have a lot to do, but the atmosphere in the office is 1,000x better and the overall feeling is that the team is onboard. Just trying to keep making progress and improvements one step at a time. Personally, I’ve never felt happier and […]


“I am not sure that a single page letter could exemplify or properly express the massive impact you have had on me – professionally, and even as that transcended into my personal life. “ Todd Ordal coaches CEOs to higher levels of success. He is a former CEO and has led teams as large as 7,000 […]

Raquel Krol

We all agreed that your guidance has been so valuable in getting us to where we are today. And, I might be partial but I truly think you are amazing with what you do. Todd Ordal coaches CEOs to higher levels of success. He is a former CEO and has led teams as large as 7,000 […]

Jas Krdzalic

Todd Ordal has been instrumental in our company transformation efforts.  As a first-time CEO, Todd has helped me understand my role and hone in some of the intricacies of my leadership style to better serve my team and broader organization. Through a set of in-depth engagements, Todd’s helped my leadership team gel and become a […]

Chris Olsen

Todd – I sincerely enjoyed the time we spent with you. This has been an amazing experience that will enable us to be the leaders BBCOM needs to be successful. This has forever changed the way I look at “teams” and the importance of people, culture and strategy. Thank you! Todd Ordal coaches CEOs to higher […]

Jeter Thomas

In this world, you rarely get the opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of others; Todd began our engagement allowing me to do just that.  Todd has enabled me to heighten my self-awareness as I relate to my peers, direct reports and board members and has provided tactical suggestions and tools to improve my […]


Todd provided advisory to both individual executives and our executive team to help us adjust to a much larger enterprise following a significant acquisition. In a relatively short period of time he was able to facilitate us to operate better individually and more importantly to function better as a team in a larger workplace. We […]

Randy Strauss

I read the book and found it to be perhaps the best book of its kind ( in that ‘Good to Great’ category of motivational and educational leadership books).  Here’s why.  I actually am using many of the suggestions you made in the book – and I’m a relatively confident leader with many of the […]

Robert McGrew

You have added great value to our strategy process and outcome.  I specifically appreciate your ability and willingness to challenge us and to ask the hard questions.  And by the way, I really like the output and I’m ready to move forward with confidence. Todd Ordal coaches CEOs to higher levels of success. He is a […]