CEO Coaching: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

As a leader you’re always looking for answers. Where should we compete? How do I apply my resources? How do I ensure that my team is committed?

Sometimes the rush to find an answer doesn’t serve you well. It leads to dissatisfied answers. Rather than jumping right to the solution, how often are you taking the time to actually ask the right question?

The best leaders lead with quality questions, not answers.

Being an effective and strategic leader is all about asking the right questions. The right questions invite employee engagement, develop creative thinkers, and innovative teams.

You’ll likely find the quality of output is much better when you slow down and focus on the quality of the questions before jumping to the answers.

Did you ask the right question today?

Next time you come across a problem, opportunity or decision ask yourself what other questions might be important? Did you ask the right question today?

  • Why are you doing the work that you’re doing?
  • Why now?
  • How does this align with your business strategy?

Did you really listen to the response?

Successful and strategic leaders not only ask the right questions, but are fully present with the response. They engage with intellectual curiosity that helps to build a constructive conversation.

Pay close attention to the response you receive when you ask the right questions: the diverse points of view, and the ideas and emotions behind them, even if you don’t agree with what’s being said.

When you ask the right questions the answers bring about much deeper insights, opportunity, and action steps to implement for future success.

Are you ready to start asking the right questions?

I help my clients look for the great answers, but first we make sure that we’re asking the right questions.

Working with an advisor to CEOs who has been in your shoes can be the catalyst to moving your business forward. Contact me today to learn more about leadership and ceo coaching.

If you are a CEO or senior leader in mid-market company and would like to have a free 20-minute consultation (e.g. to discuss a current challenge), click here to set up a time.

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