CEO Coaching: Balancing Optimism and Pragmatism

CEO Coaching: Balancing Optimism and PragmatismI only have a quick story for you this week.

I spoke with the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at one of my client companies a few days ago. I’m very familiar with their challenges as I work with their CEO and executive team. Like most everyone else they have turmoil.

I started our conversation by asking how she was doing personally and expected to hear the reasonable response that she was under a great deal of stress, had reduced energy and a good deal of anxiety. That’s what I’m hearing from lots of business leaders.

Her response, however, made me smile; almost laugh! She said, “I’ve never been more energized! We have a clear canvass to work with and I feel like a 22-year-old starting my first job out of school. What is interesting is that whether you have been doing this for many years, as I have, or are brand new to leadership, it is a level playing field as none of us have been through this before! We are all learning!”

She had no more insight into the future than anyone else does and has just as much risk. I also know her well enough to attest that she had not just raided the liquor cabinet. She acknowledged the tragic situation that many are dealing with. However, she views this as an adventurous hill to climb rather than a hole to crawl into.

Pretty cool! Made my day!

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