CEO Coaching: For Whom Does Coaching Work?

I don’t play well with everyone. In fact, I’m a bit particular about whom I work with. 

After working as an advisor and coach for many years, I’ve developed a profile of the clients who are most successful after our work together. These descriptors, you’ll note, are more psychographic than job-related — not related to industry, geography or business model.

You need a defined purpose for coaching. Although this can be fun, it’s not entertainment. We work on tough problems and look for dramatic improvements! Meetings don’t always need an agenda, but there must be an overarching need to eliminate frustration or achieve a brighter future. As I’ve said before, if you need a friend, adopt a dog. They won’t make you a better leader or person, but you’ll never have to worry about hearing the uncomfortable truth!

Be committed. Talking about change and problems is interesting, but you must be committed to take action. This won’t be in your comfort zone. If your issues were easy, you would’ve already solved them! I won’t tell you what to do; you’ll make your own choices. But I will hold you accountable and speak the truth. 

Be vulnerable. If you cannot admit weaknesses or talk about mistakes (I’ll be happy to share mine!), coaching isn’t for you. Clients who make the biggest leaps have completely open conversations. It’s foolish to hide things from the person you engaged to help you improve! Confidence and competency are not antonyms to vulnerability.

Understand that this is an investment, not an expense. We’ll create tremendous value, and it’s the return on investment that’s important. Cheap coaches provide little ROI. What’s the cost of not achieving your goal? How long are you willing to let a problem (or many!) exist? If we do good work, imagine what might be possible!

Seek to positively impact others. I want you to benefit personally, but I also want you to positively impact the lives of others! I work with senior executives, who have great impact on others’ careers and lives. The whole “life on this planet” thing only gets better when there are positive forces pulling it along. I want you to be one of those positive forces!

If you qualify, let’s talk! 

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