CEO Coaching: Is It Intelligent to Ignore Artificial Intelligence?

Once there was a company so bold,

They ignored artificial intelligence, they were so cold.

They thought they knew better, they thought they were smart,

But oh how they faltered, and oh how they fell apart.

They refused to listen, to algorithms and code,

They stuck to their old ways, and thought themselves bestowed.

But the world moved on, and left them behind,

As they watched in despair, their profits decline.

For you see, dear friend, AI is the key,

To staying competitive, and to profits, you’ll see.

Ignore it at your own risk, and you’ll be left in the dust,

As others soar ahead, and leave you in disgust.

So take a lesson, from this cautionary tale,

Embrace AI with open arms, or risk sure-fire fail.

Don’t be a fool, like the company once so proud,

Embrace the future, and don’t be left in the crowd.

—ChatGPT generated in about five seconds

I “wrote” this because I had breakfast with a colleague who also works with many CEOs and asked him, “Are your clients thinking about AI?” He said that they were not and many recoiled at being asked about it.

Writing poetry in five seconds may not impact your business, but if you are an analyst, a psychologist, (an executive coach?!), an attorney, or the CEO of pretty much any kind of company, I would guess that AI will impact your business in the next few years. What do you think? How will your business model change? How could you take advantage of this?

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