Executive Leadership & Overcoming Limiting Thoughts: Are You Breathing Your Own Exhaust?

You’d be surprised at the wonderfully talented people I’ve worked with as an executive leadership coach who have terrible thoughts about themselves, others or situations that just weren’t true!

Your thoughts can either help or harm. The challenge is knowing which is which and how to overcome the limiting thoughts. What harmful and limiting thoughts are you repeating to yourself?

Examples of executive leadership limiting thoughts:

Here are some limiting thoughts I’ve encountered with some of my extremely successful clients over the years:

  • I must appear to be in control all the time.
  • I must have all the answers.
  • Conflict is bad.
  • I cannot learn how to communicate well. 
  • The company is failing. I must be an idiot! 
  • The company is succeeding. I must be brilliant!
  • I can do everyone’s job better than they can, and so I should. 
  • I’m the CEO. I shouldn’t need help. 

Overcoming limited thoughts

Once you identify the correct or limited thought it doesn’t do much good to just say stop it! You must replace that thought with an appropriate one and make yourself believe it.

This is not always easy and often requires help. It takes lots of repetition, but it works.

Are you breathing your own exhaust?

Are you breathing your own exhaust or do you have someone speaking the truth to you?

Working with an advisor to CEOs who has been in your shoes can be the catalyst to moving your business forward. Contact me today to learn more about leadership and ceo coaching.

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