CEO Coaching: Luddites in Management

I’ve had a few recent inquiries from bright, talented people who want coaching. They’re all in significant roles that can bring tremendous value to the company. Unfortunately, they work for Luddites who won’t pay for coaching. In fact, their efforts to ask for mentoring from their boss resulted in a cold shoulder and comments such as, “I shouldn’t have to coach you!” 

I wonder: How do idiots like these get into management? Unfortunately, I know the answer. Luddites reproduce like rabbits! Bad management creates more bad management.

I don’t rant a lot in my blog posts, but for God’s sake, if you: (a) are a Luddite with the wherewithal to have an inkling of your thick skull, (b) have a Luddite working for you, or (c) can put a mirror in front of a Luddite — do something! Break the cycle!

The correct response to someone asking for help isn’t “Go away; you should know this!” Rather, it’s “I’m glad you brought this up; let’s see how we can get you some help!”

People who want to improve and ask for help are usually the stars of tomorrow, or even next week! Even a midlevel manager in a substantial company can provide huge value (or destroy it) through their work. Investing either time or money in these folks can pay immeasurable dividends! 

If you’ve recently (or ever!) said to someone, “I shouldn’t have to help you with that” without first trying to help, you might think about a career change. Perhaps a volunteer job counting grizzly bears in Yellowstone.

If you put someone in a leadership role who doesn’t have management experience, for God’s sake, help them! And get some yourself! Luddites in management roles are like pythons in the Everglades. Pretty soon all the other desirable creatures are gone.

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