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Extreme circumstances test how prepared we really are

You’ll enjoy this guest blog this week from my colleague, David Martin!

Is your basement waterproof? Wait until it rains 10 days in a row. Then you’ll know.
Did your marathon training pay off? Wait until you hit “the wall” at mile 21. Then you’ll know.
Does a flight simulator prepare pilots for emergencies? Wait until an engine flames out. Then you’ll know.

Test Your Readiness, January 4, 2016: Your Return From Vacation

Power Up 2016The first day back from vacation is an extreme circumstance that lets you test a critical tool the highest performers employ: the Power Up Ritual (PUR).

You’ve taken a well-deserved break. But how you can get back in the game helps a high performer like you gauge the strength of your PUR.

Quiz yourself now to see how strong your PUR is…

Test Your Power Up Ritual

Which were you closer to yesterday morning when you returned from vacation, A or B?

  1. Were you feeling focused and ready, clear about what you needed to do, engaged and ready to roll?
  2. Were you trying to remember what you were working on before vacation? Was your brain a little foggy? Was your energy low?

Power Up Rituals 101

A PUR is a preset activity you do regularly, whether you feel you need it or not, to raise your power level.

Most people use PURs occasionally. Impact Players repeat theirs religiously to make power a habit. Especially when outside circumstances are stressful, having a ritual that quickly puts you in your best state separates Impact Players from the hopeful.

The winningest athletes have a personalized PUR to prepare themselves plus a team PUR if they play a team sport. High impact leaders, negotiators, even artists—the highest performers in any arena—have a PUR so they are ready when it’s go time.

PURs Train Your Inner State

Your PUR helps you create the peak inner state (aka, mindset, biochemistry, mood, muscle memory) where you’re prepared to deliver. Done with a team, it helps you build a connection, a shared goal, and a common enemy.

Each person experiences their powered up inner state differently. Common descriptors include: clear, confident, calm, connected, engaged, powerful, centered, grounded, ready, big, focused, in flow.

Impact Players versus Hopefuls

Everybody wants to have an impact. Impact Players prepare themselves to have an impact in extremes. It’s not luck.

Hopefuls count on crisis or outside support to elicit the best from them. Sometimes it works, especially if they’re playing with Impact Players who raise everyone’s game.

But you have no control over outside circumstances, e.g., How WILL other people show up? Are all the pieces in place as you’d planned for?

What you can control is how you show up—and a PUR is a cornerstone to showing up ready to roll.

More Important Than a New Year’s Resolution

You have 250 days +/- of work this year to do something great. You have 365 days to live fully.

If you already have a PUR that makes you strong and focused, rock on! You have an edge over the other 99%.

If you don’t, will you leave your impact and enjoyment up to chance or will you set yourself up for your best every day?

Prepare ye.

Please comment so we can learn as a community:

  • How do you prepare to be your best?
  • What questions do you have about creating better PURs?

Ready for a Performance Upgrade?

In March, I’m introducing a breakthrough online program, Mind to Win, revealing how the highest performers play their most powerful “inner game” for maximum impact and happiness. Building your PURs is one takeaway of the Mind to Win program. If you’re interested in learning more about Mind to Win, sign up here to make sure you’re the first to hear about it.

To your success in 2016!

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  • David Martin

    2:26 pm January 5, 2016

    Todd – thanks for sharing this. I know you have several Power Up Rituals, at least one of which includes strapping on a pair of long skis. Your new book is a refreshing read, btw. I’ll be sharing it with my clients.

    • Todd Ordal

      3:57 pm January 5, 2016

      Thanks, David! You’re right, getting high (skiing, that is, I do live in Colorado…) gets me powered up!