Real Executives are Not “Nice”

In my work as an advisor to senior executives, I’ve seen far too much “nice” behavior that causes problems.

While intentions may appear admirable, being a “nice” CEO does not equate to effective leadership, and ultimately hurts the team, shareholders and future success of the business.

Now there is a significant difference between being a “nice” and “kind” leader. Let’s explore the key differences in these CEO leadership traits.

“Nice” CEO Leadership Traits

A nice leader tends to lack clear priorities. They want to be liked and hate disappointing people.
They will always find something to complement.

Nice leaders avoid delivering tough feedback out of fear of hurting people and damaging relationships.

In the end this destroys value and creates weak performers.

“Kind” CEO Leadership Traits

Kind managers will tell you what you need to know to succeed even when the message is, “You’re screwing up!”

A kind leader pushes employees to be better by pointing out both strengths and weaknesses. They deliver critical feedback that encourages change.

In the long run, this makes for happier employees and a more successful business.

What’s the Solution?

CEO Leadership TraitsThe solution is not to get rid of empathy and kindness, but rather to get clear on company priorities, deliver direct feedback with care, and face tension among stakeholders.

People respect kind leaders who help achieve great results.

If you’ve fallen into being “nice” as a CEO, entrepreneur or manager it’s time to change your behavior!

This will result in improved business success and employee satisfaction with your leadership. When you lead better, you profit more.

Working with an effective CEO coach, who has been in your shoes, can be the catalyst to moving your business forward.

Contact me today for a free consultation.

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