Support Capitalism: Hurricane Andrew

CEO Coaching: Support Capitalism: Hurricane AndrewAndrew got me pumped up today! He found me on the web and wanted advice about planning for business growth. He’s just getting started, growing rapidly, and I’m not the right resource, but I pointed him toward a couple of solutions to help. Our 30-minute phone call was probably more helpful for me, however, than him.

Capitalism hums when entrepreneurs find an addressable market and throw their energy into it! Andrew knows a lot about what his customers need and what technology will satisfy that need. He must, however, learn how to run a business. Based on his enthusiasm and courage to ask for help, he will.

With so many large-scale problems right now (COVID; a blockhead who wants a permanent residence on Pennsylvania Avenue; people struggling while congress fiddles; etc.), it’s easy to forget what made our country and economy strong. People like Andrew did. 

Andrew will survive in a Democratic administration just about as well as in a future Republican administration (if the party doesn’t self-destruct by then). He’ll provide employment for more and more people, and their families will prosper. He’ll pay increasingly more taxes that will help build infrastructure. The service he provides his customers will help them grow, and they’ll provide the same benefits to us that Andrew does.

Good business is good for everyone. It wasn’t an inconvenience to talk to Andrew today; it was an honor. 

Stand up for capitalism and well-run business! Support those voices that encourage business as well as environmental and social reform. They are not mutually exclusive! Many people don’t understand the relationship between business, GDP per capita and all the good things that come from it. If you’re willing to look, there’s a lot of information proving that the Andrews of the world do more good than “do-gooders” do.

Go get ‘em, buddy! I’m rooting for you!

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