CEO Coaching: Have Some Fun!

CEO Coaching: Have Some Fun!I’m just back from a weeklong camping trip in the national forest outside of Jackson, WY, and admit to struggling a bit to get my brain back to business. Two weeks prior to that I was able to fish a few days near what they call the “Miracle Mile” in Wyoming as evidenced by the number and size of the fish!

Outside of one trip into town to have lunch with our son, we did not have to wear a mask, nor did we have any Covid-laced anxiety for the entire week. No phone, no internet, no obnoxious headlines in a newspaper, no vitriolic right-wing or left-wing “experts” on anything, just clean air, trout and cool nights with some friends.

I am very fortunate that I enjoy most all aspects of my life, including what most would call work—which for me amounts to mutually beneficial relationships; not drudgery, boredom or punching a time card. Not every day is wonderful, but most are damn good and the joy of helping executives solve problems, supporting them in their decisions or looking for new opportunities is a blessing.

So why am I sharing this with you? Two reasons. One, even if you enjoy your career, if you have not gotten away from “work” for a while, I urge you to figure out a way to do it; especially in these stressful times. You don’t have to get into the middle of a forest to free your mind for a few days, though it helps! A good book and the hammock in your back yard might work, but just chill out a bit. 

Secondly, if you do not enjoy work most of the time, change something. We all go through periods (sometimes a few years!) that are tougher and less enjoyable than we would like, but if the alarm clock routinely brings a sense of dread, you should change your perspective or change your work. You probably have more control of this than you think.

Have some fun! It’ll make you a better leader.

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