Tag: Effective Leadership

CEO Coaching: Rarefied Air

When I started flying high-performance aircraft at high altitudes many years ago, my friend and I decided to conduct a test. Above 12,500 feet, you’re required to have oxygen (OK nitpicker pilots … between 12,500 feet and 14,000 feet, you can noodle around for half an hour without it). We took a non-pressurized airplane to […]

Leading or Presiding

Some time ago I was on the board of an organization that had a very affable, bright leader who was loved by his team. However, during a particularly challenging period, he was seen by the board as non-strategic and in over his head. As one board member remarked, “He doesn’t lead; he presides”. Since that […]

Exposed and Fearless

I love getting older! Okay, not all elements. My knees hurt from the five surgeries I have had and I sometimes forget my wife’s name—but age brings experience and perhaps a reduced level of concern about what others think. I don’t blush as often as I used to when I say, “I don’t know.” I […]